DGabriel Wellbriety Services

DGabriel Wellbriety Services

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The DGabriel Wellbriety Services is a Wellbriety Treatment program created by Desnee Gabriel. Our ultimate goal is to support healing from alcohol, substance abuse, co-occurring disorders and inter-generational trauma.

As founder of the DGabriel Wellbriety Service I make you this promise. "I am a person healing who is here to heal with you. In order for me to live by my principles, I must live by the principles of the 12 step program and my higher power. I will give unconditionally of myself to those who want help to change. " Together we can succeed - Desnee Gabriel

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WELLBRIETY SERVICES We offer cultural knowledge about recovery for individuals, families and communities.

Group Counselling & Workshops

Group Counselling & Workshops

Working together to achieve the client’s goals for change!

Our “One on One Counselling” program provides support, guidance, encouragement and the opportunity to express your emotions and explore your options. We provide help for a wide range of issues including abuse, addiction, loneliness, isolation, low self-esteem or emotional difficulties.

Through our “One on One Counselling” program, we help you to discover your own strengths and abilities and gain confidence to find your own solutions and effectively deal with your life situations. Women learn coping strategies, stress reduction skills and connect to additional resources in the community. We can provide crisis support for women in distress, help you to develop a safety plan and empower you to make informed decisions about your life.

The Wellbriety Medicine Wheel

Building a community network for supporting those in recovery!

Our relapse prevention and recovery support group for people who are returning to the community from incarceration, or who have been working on their recovery journey using traditional methods or 12 Step methods and who wish to adopt natural way to recovery.

Allowing participants to explore their spiritual inner self, Native American workshops also use a menu of wellness activities that often help re-energize and heal the mind and body. Groups centered on specific therapeutic activities allow clients to select areas of interest.

The Wellbriety Medicine Wheel
Getting into Treatment

Getting into Treatment

Think Twice, You Only Die Once

Addictive Drugs have real potential for serious harm. Drug abuse ruins lives, families, and can kill you or a loved one. Addictive drugs, alone or in combination, it makes no difference if they are illicit drugs or legal prescriptions, they can and will kill you. The death toll from drug addiction grows each year.

Life can be saved and turned around with the right treatment center and the professional help necessary to overcome the addiction. The first step is to seek help and advice from support groups, counselors, clergy, or close friends. DGabriel Wellbriety Services can find and recommend the treatment plan that is best for you or your loved one needing help, guidance, counseling, and support.

Feeling Overwhelmed? You have Options...We Can Help

By Phone and in person, Your place or ours.

If you feel you need immediate assistance due to being in crisis. Feeling like you may seriously harm yourself or another person, are suffering serious addiction, physical or sexual assault, not being able to function due to extreme psychological distress, DGabriel Wellbriety Services provides urgent care services.

These urgent care meetings typically focus on helping you cope with immediate stressors that are significantly reducing your ability to function, and determining next steps that may be helpful. If you are experiencing a crisis situation after hours and cannot wait until we are open, please call 416 408 4357 to reach the 408-HELP Line - 24/7 Distress and Crisis Line. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please dial 911.

Feeling Overwhelmed? You have Options...We Can Help

The Red Road to Wellbriety Your first step in finding the support you need.

The Red Road to Wellbriety is a process of healing that is culture-specific to Native Americans, but it may be used by all people. The DGWC healing seminars explore the 12 chapters of cultural information about healing from alcoholism and addictions, including "how-to" information about working the 12 Steps in a Native way. Get well by doing things together.

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Find Your True Future Self Learn about our Experience and Benefits of Wellbriety

The “Well” part in Wellbriety in itself is the inspiration to go beyond sobriety and recovery and committing to the life of healing and wellness every day. The word Wellbriety is a concept that directly defines what is best for a naturally-balanced, whole person each of us seek to become.

Practicing Wellbriety on a daily basis will help you:

  • Building and Maintaining Motivation
  • Coping with Urges
  • Managing Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors
  • Living A Balanced Life

Here are some of the incredibly helpful organizations that we’ve worked with over the years!

Meet the DGabriel Wellbriety Services Team

Adrian Sandiford

Adrian Sandiford

Social Campaign Manager
Hi, I’m Adrian and I am the Social Campaign Manager for DGabriel Wellbriety Services. It is my goal to assist Desnee as she helps native and non-Native woman & men to live a healthy, addiction free lifestyle.
Desnee Gabriel

Desnee Gabriel

Founder | (647) 330-8134
My goal is to aid the healing of our sisters , brothers, mothers, fathers and children. So we may clear our souls of the sickness that lies within us and was past down to us from generations past.
Kevin Baskette

Kevin Baskette

Counselor | 647 239 8424
Hi I am Kevin Baskette. Kevin helps disseminate culturally based principles, values, and teachings to support healthy community development. Kevin works at the John Howard Society.

The Red Road to Wellbriety

The 12 Step meetings are for anyone who needs a solution to living free from substances.

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We are located in the DGabriel Wellbriety Building. Address: 17 Cosburn Ave., Toronto, Ont, CA

If you have questions or need additional information, please call: 647 330 8134 or use our Contact Form!

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